Summer of Love VW Show 2012 - Sebring, FL

Thursday, 12/13/2012

I took these photos at the Summer of Love VW car show in Sebring, FL, on August 3-5, 2012. I drove up there from Fort Lauderdale with my girlfriend on my '63 ragtop Beetle, it took us about 3 hours if I remember correctly. The show was small but good, they had about 50 cars maybe. The ones I liked the most were the orange/white samba bus, and the orange/tan custom bug. The highlight of the weekend was the ride we took at the historic Sebring International Raceway. We went into the racetrack (about 30 cars) and did a couple of loops, too bad we couldn't pass each other or race, it would have been awesome. Enjoy the tons of pics! I'll try to post the video I shot soon.

VW Beetle Running Boards Chrome Moldings Install

Monday, 11/26/2012

Ok, I realize this is boring for most of you, but believe me, us VW people find this kind of stuff interesting and helpful :P

So here are some pics of when I installed the chrome moldings on the running boards. The task was fairly easy, these running boards are the stock ones so they have perforations for the chrome molding clips already.

I got the original size ones, which are 33MM wide, but unfortunately like 0 gauge thick... so they get dented extremely easily.

Before installing the chrome moldings, I removed the running boards and cleaned them and as well as the part of the body where they get mounted with a wire brush, to remove any dirt and rust.

Tearing It Down! Ebert's '67 Bug

Tuesday, 11/20/2012

It's been a while since I last posted something here, but I've been taking lots of pics and videos about things I've done to my '63 ragtop bug, at VW meets, VW shows, and more.
So I'll get started with these that I took when I helped my buddy Ebert gut his grey 1967 VW Bettle to get it ready for major body work. Ebert got this bug for about $1300 here in South Florida, we knew it had lots of rust, but is was tough finding so many areas that need repair.
I think the bug has good potential. I hope he does not give up on it, I'd hate to see a Volkswagen get junked or parted out.

This bug has older style headlights, fiberglass fenders, and a pop-out window in one side.

VW Beetle Roof Rack Giveaway Winner - Thanks to Wolfgang International!

Wednesday, 07/11/2012

I want to thank Wolfgang International for the awesome EMPI VW roof rack I recently won in their 2012 Wolfgang giveaway!

I couldn't believe it when I found out I had won, I've seriously never won any giveaways! I signed up through their Facebook page and forgot about it, a couple of weeks later I got a message saying I had won! They sent it right away in a well packaged box with a catalog and some very nice Wolfgang window decals.

I've already put it together, with the help of Astra my little Jack Russell Terrier =), and installed it on my 1963 Ragtop Volkswagen Beetle. It sure looks cool! I already had a deck lid rack I had gotten not too long ago to carry stuff for a camping trip. Now I have both the roof rack and deck lid rack. The bug looks awesome with them on.

Cool Mexican VW Beetle Spotted in NMB!

Wednesday, 07/11/2012

A couple of months ago I spotted this awesome late Mexican Volkswagen Beetle. It was parked right across the street from where I work, in North Miami Beach. I decided to leave the office and go check it out, of course I got on my '63 ragtop and drove across the street to see this very cool bug. I ended up meeting the owner, Benjamin, a very nice guy that owns Paquito's Mexican restaurant/bar not too far from there. He said this VW beetle is his daily driver and that he had brought it from Mexico brand new, if I remember correctly.
I think these newer Mexican VW Beetles are awesome! they just look so... new! This one had power windows, a/c, and fuel injection... Very nice to have in this hot Florida weather. Royal Palm Beach VW Gathering Event With Chris Vallone

Monday, 06/04/2012

This past Sunday, June 3rd, I drove up to Royal Palm Beach on my '63 ragtop Beetle to the 2nd VW Gathering Event organized by Chris Vallone from About 14 VWs showed up, a few less than the first time, but awesome nonetheless! The weather was good, maybe too hot for some, but we had a good time talking about our VWs and having some good pizza at Francesca's Pizza.

The highlight of the event for me was the red Ghia, owned by a South Florida Volkswagen Club member. The 1700cc aircooled engine in this thing was awesome, very clean as you can see in the pictures. I'm seriously thinking about getting a Ghia after seeing this one.

1963 Volkswagen Beetle Turn Signal Lever Switch Repair

Friday, 05/25/2012

A few weeks ago the turn signal switch lever on my 1963 VW bug stopped working. When I pushed the lever up or down it would feel like it was stuck so I decided to take it apart to see what was going on. This was my first time attempting to repair a turn signal switch so I didn't know what to expect.

To get to the switch lever assembly I first had to remove the steering wheel. Then, I removed it from the steering column, and assuming that it would have some small parts inside, I set it on a table on a well lit area to take it apart. To disassemble it I just had to remove the large c-clip holding the two assembly body pieces together. While removing the top, some small pieces fell out of it, they had come apart inside and that's why the switch didn't work.

Windshield Replacement And Window Chrome Install On My 1963 Ragtop Beetle

Thursday, 05/17/2012

The original windshield of my '63 Bug had some bubbling of the laminate material inside (as you can see in the pictures below), which looked really bad in my opinion. So I decided to replace it and to also install the chrome molding around it. I got all the replacement parts from my local VW parts supply shop, McNab Foreign Car. The job was pretty straight forward. I did watch a couple of how-to videos beforehand, which I've posted on my Volkswagen videos website.

Painted My VW Beetle's Engine Coil Back To Blue!

Thursday, 05/17/2012

A few weeks ago I cleaned the engine on my 1963 VW Beetle and decided to go ahead and repaint the engine coil back to its original blue color, or at least close to it. The coil was very dirty and worn. First I removed it from the engine, sanded it down to bare metal (including the metal clamp), cleaned the plastic bottom part, and sanded down the parts where the wires connect. Then, I painted it with a glossy blue engine enamel paint resistant to high temperatures just in case. It came out very good, and looks a lot better than how it was before. I spent about 10 dollars in materials and about one and a half hours total. I'm very happy with the results. On to the next job :)

Headlight Assembly Restoration - 1963 Volkswagen Beetle

Saturday, 04/07/2012

A few weeks ago I restored the headlights on my 1963 Volkswagen Beetle, they were all rusted inside and looked really bad. I had been looking into buying new replacements but decided to go ahead and restore the original Hella headlight assemblies that I have on this bug. These original German-made headlight assemblies are of much better quality than the replacements that come from China, Brazil, or wherever else they come from.