February 2012

New Door/Window Rubber Seals and Chrome Trim For My Bug!

Saturday, 02/25/2012

So I just finished replacing all the rubber door seals on my '63 ragtop bug. It was a tough job! The left side door, which I did first, took me a lot longer than the right side cause it was my first time doing this. I really struggled with the vent window seals. I had to remove it after installing it like three times cause the vent window was not aligning well with the dividing bar. I did watch some how-to videos before I started working on this to make sure I didn't mess anything up. Everything else went well, I only had one broken screw and it was on the right side vent window catch. I just left it with one screw, I'll fix that when I do a complete body-off restoration on this bug, who know when...

Miami V-Dubs Meetup, February 2012

Sunday, 02/19/2012

Today I drove my '63 ragtop bug down to midtown Miami, had some montaditos and some Jai-Alai brew. After, I met up with the Miami V-Dubs crowd and had an awesome time! Lots of nice VWs. Lots of bugs, buses, and one thing! I will definitely be back next time and maybe even play some softball (initiation =S ) with the guys. I was proud of my bug tonight! it looked really nice amongst the others. It was the only one with a flat-black finish (although it is not finished =). I'm looking forward to the next meet up, hopefully I'll get to see some of the unusuals like the fastbacks, squarebacks, etc... 'Till next time guys!

For more info about Miami V-Dubs visit their Facebook page here.