July 2012

VW Beetle Roof Rack Giveaway Winner - Thanks to Wolfgang International!

Wednesday, 07/11/2012

I want to thank Wolfgang International for the awesome EMPI VW roof rack I recently won in their 2012 Wolfgang giveaway!

I couldn't believe it when I found out I had won, I've seriously never won any giveaways! I signed up through their Facebook page and forgot about it, a couple of weeks later I got a message saying I had won! They sent it right away in a well packaged box with a catalog and some very nice Wolfgang window decals.

I've already put it together, with the help of Astra my little Jack Russell Terrier =), and installed it on my 1963 Ragtop Volkswagen Beetle. It sure looks cool! I already had a deck lid rack I had gotten not too long ago to carry stuff for a camping trip. Now I have both the roof rack and deck lid rack. The bug looks awesome with them on.

Cool Mexican VW Beetle Spotted in NMB!

Wednesday, 07/11/2012

A couple of months ago I spotted this awesome late Mexican Volkswagen Beetle. It was parked right across the street from where I work, in North Miami Beach. I decided to leave the office and go check it out, of course I got on my '63 ragtop and drove across the street to see this very cool bug. I ended up meeting the owner, Benjamin, a very nice guy that owns Paquito's Mexican restaurant/bar not too far from there. He said this VW beetle is his daily driver and that he had brought it from Mexico brand new, if I remember correctly.
I think these newer Mexican VW Beetles are awesome! they just look so... new! This one had power windows, a/c, and fuel injection... Very nice to have in this hot Florida weather.