November 2012

VW Beetle Running Boards Chrome Moldings Install

Monday, 11/26/2012

Ok, I realize this is boring for most of you, but believe me, us VW people find this kind of stuff interesting and helpful :P

So here are some pics of when I installed the chrome moldings on the running boards. The task was fairly easy, these running boards are the stock ones so they have perforations for the chrome molding clips already.

I got the original size ones, which are 33MM wide, but unfortunately like 0 gauge thick... so they get dented extremely easily.

Before installing the chrome moldings, I removed the running boards and cleaned them and as well as the part of the body where they get mounted with a wire brush, to remove any dirt and rust.

Tearing It Down! Ebert's '67 Bug

Tuesday, 11/20/2012

It's been a while since I last posted something here, but I've been taking lots of pics and videos about things I've done to my '63 ragtop bug, at VW meets, VW shows, and more.
So I'll get started with these that I took when I helped my buddy Ebert gut his grey 1967 VW Bettle to get it ready for major body work. Ebert got this bug for about $1300 here in South Florida, we knew it had lots of rust, but is was tough finding so many areas that need repair.
I think the bug has good potential. I hope he does not give up on it, I'd hate to see a Volkswagen get junked or parted out.

This bug has older style headlights, fiberglass fenders, and a pop-out window in one side.