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The Ragtop VW Beetle Finally Arrived!

Tuesday, 01/10/2012

After a long and inpatient wait the bug finally arrived in Fort Lauderdale today. It came on a flat-bed tow truck at around 2pm. The driver of the truck was as excited as I was, lol... he was like "dude this beetle is awesome" I was like "hurry up and get it off the truck!." The bug was covered in dirt from the long trip across the USA. He started the motor up and backed it off of the flat-bed. Then I finally got to sit on the driver's seat and gave it a try at revving the engine, it felt awesome. It's been a while since I last sat in a beetle, It felt smaller that I remember! But it was awesome. I then spend the rest of the afternoon getting the VIN verified, transferring the title, getting the license plate, and getting the dust off at the self service car wash.

VW Bug Half Way to Fort Lauderdale

Saturday, 12/24/2011

It's been almost a week since the VW bug was picked up from California and it's already half way here to Fort Lauderdale, FL. I've been tracking it's journey online on the transport company's website. Isn't it awesome that the whole thing can be tracked? It eases my anxiety knowing where the bug is and that it's on it's way. The company I hired to transport the bug is called DASAutoShippers, they've been pretty good, we'll see how they ultimately do when the car gets here. Right now the bug is in Mesquite, TX, and it looks like it'll stay there until after Christmas. Hopefully It'll start moving again on Monday.

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