Engine Rubber Seal

Engine Compartment Rubber Seal Install

Monday, 03/05/2012

Yesterday I went to McNab Foreign Car and picked up the engine compartment rear rubber seal for my 63 ragtop bug and installed it myself at home. The old one was all crusted and mostly gone. The rubber seal was just one whole piece and it was pretty easy to install. First I though I would have to slide all of it in through one end of the mounting channel, but ended up just putting it in bottom first into the channel and then with a screw driver I pushed the top in inch by inch all around the length of the seal, which was really easy to do. What I wasn't sure of was how the two flaps of the seal were supposed to go. I decided to put the lower flap under the engine tin and the top flap over the tin, which seemed to me that that's how it's supposed to go. If I'm wrong let me know! :)

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