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Tearing It Down! Ebert's '67 Bug

Tuesday, 11/20/2012

It's been a while since I last posted something here, but I've been taking lots of pics and videos about things I've done to my '63 ragtop bug, at VW meets, VW shows, and more.
So I'll get started with these that I took when I helped my buddy Ebert gut his grey 1967 VW Bettle to get it ready for major body work. Ebert got this bug for about $1300 here in South Florida, we knew it had lots of rust, but is was tough finding so many areas that need repair.
I think the bug has good potential. I hope he does not give up on it, I'd hate to see a Volkswagen get junked or parted out.

This bug has older style headlights, fiberglass fenders, and a pop-out window in one side.

Cruise to Show & Shine XXVIIII with the Miami V-Dubs

Wednesday, 04/04/2012

Here is a little video I've put together of last Sunday's cruise with the Miami V-Dubs to the 29th Show & Shine Volkswagen Event in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. On our way up from Miami to the show, which was held at Mills Pond Park in Fort Lauederdale, Florida, we cruised with about 36 classic Volkswagens. It was truly an awesome and exciting experience to see so many bugs, buses, and a couple of the more unusuals, cruise together. We were turning heads, disrupting traffic, and wishing our cars did not break down half way to the show. I will definitely do it again next year, no matter how close I live from the location of the event.

Softball Game With The Miami V-Dubs

Monday, 03/12/2012

Last Saturday, 10th of March, was the Annual Softball Classic event with the Miami V-Dubs crowd. They call it the "single-most anticipated, ridiculous and looked-forward-to sporting event of the year". So I decided to drive down to Miami in my bug with my beautiful and supporting girlfriend Maryluz, whom I hope doesn't get tired of going to so many VW events :P.

We were not able to stay until the end but did have a great time saying hello to everyone and watching the guys (and girls) hitting, or at least trying to hit the ball. What was hilarious was seeing some of them wearing ladies lingerie, not sure exactly why, but I get the feeling it was some kind of rookie initiation thing... I hope they don't make me do that to join the club! Palm Beach Garderns Gathering With Chris Vallone

Tuesday, 03/06/2012

This past Sunday, March 4th, I drove my '63 ragtop bug up to Palm Beach Gardens Florida to meet Chris Vallone from at his first ever VW gathering event here in South Florida. Chris is an awesome dude that has become very popular on Youtube for posting tons of really good VW restoration tips videos. He also runs the Classic VW Bug Shop up in New York where he restores mainly vintage Volkswagen bugs.

Miami V-Dubs Meetup, February 2012

Sunday, 02/19/2012

Today I drove my '63 ragtop bug down to midtown Miami, had some montaditos and some Jai-Alai brew. After, I met up with the Miami V-Dubs crowd and had an awesome time! Lots of nice VWs. Lots of bugs, buses, and one thing! I will definitely be back next time and maybe even play some softball (initiation =S ) with the guys. I was proud of my bug tonight! it looked really nice amongst the others. It was the only one with a flat-black finish (although it is not finished =). I'm looking forward to the next meet up, hopefully I'll get to see some of the unusuals like the fastbacks, squarebacks, etc... 'Till next time guys!

For more info about Miami V-Dubs visit their Facebook page here.

A Visit to McNab Foreign Car - Best VW Repair Shop in South Florida

Sunday, 01/08/2012

Yesterday I stopped by McNab Foreign Car in Pompano Beach, FL - and picked up a used 1600 Type1 Dual Port engine that I'll be rebuilding myself for my '63 Ragtop Bug. McNab Foreign Car is a cool little Volkswagen parts and service shop that has been repairing and restoring VWs for over 35 years, right here in South Florida. The shop is run by Bruce Wolczanski and his business partner Don Ammann. I met Bruce a while back when I used to have my '72 Beetle. He is an awesome guy that knows what he's doing, some of his cars have even been featured in "Hot VWs Magazine". Bruce goes out of his way to help out whether you need your Air-cooled Volkswagen repaired, need to buy any parts, or just need some advice on your VW project.

Ebert's 1967 VW Beetle Body-Off Restoration

Sunday, 01/08/2012

This weekend we started Ebert's '67 VW bug body-off restoration. We started by separating the body from the chassis. Of course we first had to watch video number 6 of the Bug Me instructional videos to make sure we knew what we were doing =)... Next, we will probably remove all the chrome, electrical wires, parts, and junk attached to the body to clean it up and send it to the body shop. He has already removed all the seats, panels, carpet, and headliner. The floor pans are very rusted so we will also be cleaning up the chassis and getting it ready to replace both full floor pans.

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