Blue Coil

Painted My VW Beetle's Engine Coil Back To Blue!

Thursday, 05/17/2012

A few weeks ago I cleaned the engine on my 1963 VW Beetle and decided to go ahead and repaint the engine coil back to its original blue color, or at least close to it. The coil was very dirty and worn. First I removed it from the engine, sanded it down to bare metal (including the metal clamp), cleaned the plastic bottom part, and sanded down the parts where the wires connect. Then, I painted it with a glossy blue engine enamel paint resistant to high temperatures just in case. It came out very good, and looks a lot better than how it was before. I spent about 10 dollars in materials and about one and a half hours total. I'm very happy with the results. On to the next job :)

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