January 2012

Chrome Trim or No Trim!?

Monday, 01/16/2012

I've been thinking about what to do about the chrome trim on my beetle. I can't decide whether to add more trim or just remove it completely. So I've made two photoshop images of the bug with chrome trim and with out, to see how it would look. I need help deciding what to do. Please post your suggestions in the comments bellow. Thanks!

1600cc VW Beetle Engine Rebuild - Disassemble

Thursday, 01/12/2012

So last weekend I started disassembling the used 1600cc engine I got for my '63 bug. It's the first time I attempt to rebuild an engine. Of course I've watched episode 3 of the Bug Me videos to make sure I know what I'm doing =), it seemed simple enough. I also ordered the book "How to Rebuild Your Volkswagen air-Cooled Engine", which I should be getting soon in the mail.

The Ragtop VW Beetle Finally Arrived!

Tuesday, 01/10/2012

After a long and inpatient wait the bug finally arrived in Fort Lauderdale today. It came on a flat-bed tow truck at around 2pm. The driver of the truck was as excited as I was, lol... he was like "dude this beetle is awesome" I was like "hurry up and get it off the truck!." The bug was covered in dirt from the long trip across the USA. He started the motor up and backed it off of the flat-bed. Then I finally got to sit on the driver's seat and gave it a try at revving the engine, it felt awesome. It's been a while since I last sat in a beetle, It felt smaller that I remember! But it was awesome. I then spend the rest of the afternoon getting the VIN verified, transferring the title, getting the license plate, and getting the dust off at the self service car wash.

A Visit to McNab Foreign Car - Best VW Repair Shop in South Florida

Sunday, 01/08/2012

Yesterday I stopped by McNab Foreign Car in Pompano Beach, FL - and picked up a used 1600 Type1 Dual Port engine that I'll be rebuilding myself for my '63 Ragtop Bug. McNab Foreign Car is a cool little Volkswagen parts and service shop that has been repairing and restoring VWs for over 35 years, right here in South Florida. The shop is run by Bruce Wolczanski and his business partner Don Ammann. I met Bruce a while back when I used to have my '72 Beetle. He is an awesome guy that knows what he's doing, some of his cars have even been featured in "Hot VWs Magazine". Bruce goes out of his way to help out whether you need your Air-cooled Volkswagen repaired, need to buy any parts, or just need some advice on your VW project.

Ebert's 1967 VW Beetle Body-Off Restoration

Sunday, 01/08/2012

This weekend we started Ebert's '67 VW bug body-off restoration. We started by separating the body from the chassis. Of course we first had to watch video number 6 of the Bug Me instructional videos to make sure we knew what we were doing =)... Next, we will probably remove all the chrome, electrical wires, parts, and junk attached to the body to clean it up and send it to the body shop. He has already removed all the seats, panels, carpet, and headliner. The floor pans are very rusted so we will also be cleaning up the chassis and getting it ready to replace both full floor pans.